Sunday, August 3, 2008

UnderDog Week

UPDATE-Due to a few bugs in the Kongregate system underdog week has been delayed until NEXT MONDAY. greg is so very sorry, but we do get a free badge out of it so it's not that bad.

August, the month of Greg, and now UnderDog week! UnderDog week starts this Monday. But what is UnderDog week you ask? Greg is going to give one game which he think of as an underdog (games that may not have the best art, may have a few bugs, and probably aren't rated to well) a badge (maybe two) and a points challenge. The points challenges look to be around 10-20 points, nothing to hard for you, but hopfully enough to get to know a game that you may not have seen before, or just looked over. And guess what if this goes well Greg might do it again in Octorbor! How can you make it go well? DO NOT leave nasty comments and down-rate the games, and of course have fun!

If you would like to suggest a game, or give your feedback about it, do so here.