Friday, August 29, 2008

Competition #5: Bombs Away!

Yes i am indeed releasing this challenge slightly early as i am not here tomorrow... This weeks challenge game is Detonate 2, also a large thanks for Chitown for leading me to this game =D In Detonate 2 you must defend a town from a weird little black ball equipped with a propeller, bombs... and multiple facial expressions? This black nuisance is dropping bombs on the town for some un-established reason. You must catch these bombs and [obviously] detonate them. Different colored bombs are detonated different ways, some you must click and some you must throw at other bombs and some can even damage the enemy... You also get a little surprise if you damage the enemy enough times ;D This weeks challenge is to reach as high of a score as possible and the score is automatically submitted once you finish the game so no need to worry! Good luck and Have Fun!!!