Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ikariam Update

Some Ikariam news for all of the Ikariam-Iota players (and others) within the blog.

First off, we were in the middle of a war, which, due to a plethora of political issues and time bounds has ended. S_H (sky hawks) v.s. KONG (Kongregate) is no more.

Second, Kram, our Kongregate alliance leader in Iota has become the number 1 player in all of Iota. Congratulations to him.

Thirdly, several of our players have broken 100k points and have joined the 100k club. These new members include Drakkose, Neeko, gnomer and Lord Dazzer for a total of 5 members (including Kram). There are also several other members who are quickly making their way to reaching this goal. Congratulations to all of you.

Our alliance Kong has also reached 13th place in total score in all of Iota, passing several other alliances in a very short time and jumping up from 17th.

Also, no recent updates on the Ikariam vote for the new alliance administration (Diplomat, General and Home Secretary), but those will surface soon.

That's all for your Ikariam update.