Friday, August 8, 2008

Competition Winners

Hope you all had fun with my first competition. Still many to come though =D. The final results of this competition were:

1st Place: OuTrIgHtChAoS with 290475 points
2nd Place: TheGhostGamer with 190535 points
3rd Place: Gopackersandjets with 138350 points
4th Place: Javano with 126805 points
5th Place: Joshhh with 92220 points
Congratulations to all the winners!
Thanks for playing everyone and keep an eye out for next weeks challenge which will be announced tomorrow!


chitown15 said...

I blame my crappy keyboard for not being able to get in the top 5. It's ALL it fault!

Good job all!

fieryrage said...

Good job, you guys! :)

So...when's the next challange?

wingsofchaos said...

Man you guys are machines lol
I couldn't never get that high of a score

Javano said...

Lol Suuure Chi XD

joshhh said...

wow I got in the top 5 :S
I gave up playing half way through, my dog kept distracting me, ah well top 5 yay :D

alan said...

My Fellow hobo ghost there with 2nd i am proud.
Also my honorary hobo outright takes the no.1 spot go hobos.
I would of tried but i am rubbish at rhythm games.

Anonymous said...