Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Battle for New Haven, An Amorphous+ Story

(Play Amorphous+ before reading)
A GhostGamer story (Thanks to Teh_awsomeness for help/ideas)

They had come in the night. A meteor crashed to Earth, spreading a cloud of debris into the air. Scientist clustered around the largely intact rock. The asteroid landed in Texas, in a largely unpopulated region. After months of artificial darkness, the debris and dust cleared. Emmanuel Sampson, the lead scientist, decided to send in the first scout teams. He, and the other scientist, believed this to be the greatest discovery in years. They were correct, for the wrong reasons. The first scouts went in, and were instantly attacked by an alien race. Apparently living on the asteroid, this alien race of sentient slime quickly absorbed the scouts, and began their invasion of the surrounding area. Within 23 days, the whole state of Texas had been infested with multiple nests of the alien globs. The United States military mounted a large counter-offensive, attempting to push back the invaders. The military, apparently thinking their superior weapons and technology would win the fight, charged multiple Slime monster nests. It was the biggest military failure in history.

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It was a mistake. The newly named Glooples, with their gelatinous bodies, simply absorbed the bullets from the guns. Most of the forces were destroyed; the ones who survived reported many different varieties of Glooples, including a very aggressive “Biters” style. Even the American tanks were destroyed by very large Glooples, which simply enveloped and dissolved the massive tanks. Even bombing runs failed. Although the Glooples, with their alcohol based bodies, were highly susceptible to the large bombs (More the resulting fires), the fighters simply could not reach the nests. They Gloople nests were deep in the ground, and no weapons could penetrate them. Whenever a nest was destroyed (very rare), another 10 took its place. The Glooples multiplied too fast for any major counter.
Within 40 years, most human cities were destroyed, and virtually the whole world was infested with countless Gloople nests. Human survivors established towns and villages in remote locations, hoping to avoid detection by the Glooples, and for the most part succeeded. Over the next few years, almost no humans were killed by Glooples, and, to top it off, humanity finally discovered a way to stop the Glooples. Reverting to medieval times, they re-adopted the sword and shield. Glooples body, while able to absorb bullets, was not capable of surviving a sword swing. The sword, with its large impact area, apparently hit major organs of the Glooples, splattering them on the spot.
Most Gloople types are only about 2 foot tall, but they were still very aggressive and dangerous.
Multiple human encampments launched surprise attacks on nests. The attacks were an astounding success. With this new-found killing method, the humans rallied, hell bent on exterminating all the Glooples, and reclaiming their planet…

Part 1
Zack “Z” Michaels polished his sword as he looked incoherently out his window. His village, New Haven, Was small, with only 1000 people. But it was Gloople free for nearly 3 years. Zack sheathed his sword and set it upon his mantle. He grabbed a book and sat next to the fireplace. After reading for nearly an hour, he set the book aside and walked slowly to his bedroom, nearly tripping on his own carpet.
“Damn carpet” he muttered to himself as he slid into bed. Within a few seconds he was fast asleep.
Zack was only 20, so he didn’t know a world without Glooples. When he was seven, his town was attacked by the Glooples, resulting in the loss of his family. He swore revenge soon after.
Alarm. Z heard the sound of an alarm, and moved to shut off his alarm clock. But he quickly realized something was wrong. His alarm was never this loud.
“The city alarm!” He said as he jumped out of bed and grabbed his sword. There was only one reason the alarm would sound. The Glooples had found them.
He rushed outside, and we meet by his closed friend and neighbor, Alex.
“What’s going on” Alex yelled over the roar of the sirens. Z noticed Alex also had his sword.
Z just nodded, and the both ran to the city gate. Most of the remaining human settlements erected large walls around the cities. Glooples apparently had trouble climbing walls.
Z and Alex arrived by the front gate, and were greeted by a majority of the other warriors in the village. Trevor, another of Z’s friends, ran to them.
“Lookout says it’s a small army, probably a nest nearby!” Trevor yelled.
Z cursed to himself and prepared for an onslaught. In most recorded Gloople attacks, the main force consisted of Green Glooples. Although they were inherently dangerous, they provide excellent cannon fodder for the main attack force, which consisted of the highly aggressive Biters.
“What the…?” Z heard the lookout say. “Uh…There…We have a problem! The Glooples are rushing with Melties!” Melties are another form of Gloople, but much more dangerous then most. Melties have highly acidic bodies, and with contact with anything (including other Glooples) with explode. The fluid inside their body reacts with the oxygen, forming a small puddle of acid, capable of breaking down most organic matter in seconds.
This was new. In all his years, Z had never seen, nor even heard of Glooples rushing in with Melties.
“Fire the cannons!” Someone yelled over the still roaring sirens. Even though Glooples are immune to most ballistic weaponry, large cannon and artillery rounds still do considerable damage.
A volley of cannons sang out into the night. Z watched as the night sky was lit up but exploding cannon rounds. In the back of his mind he knew it wouldn’t be enough. What Glooples lacked in intelligence and strategy, they made up for with numbers.
Z climbed up the wall to get a better view of Gloople forces. He gazed upon a massive force. For a second, he almost gave into his terror and ran, but he quickly calmed himself and regained control. Even with the constant cannon fire, the Gloople force came ever closer to the small human village. A few more cannon volleys and they would be upon them. Luckily, all the non-warriors of the village had retreated, which only left 200 or so people left.
Z jumped down and un-sheathed his sword. The wall would hold for a while, but against that many Melties, it wouldn’t last very long. Z stood in the darkness, waiting. Suddenly, a horrible splat sounded from the other side of the wall, followed by loud hissing.
The acid is melting the wall Z thought as he readied his weapon.
The Spearmen moved to the front of the warriors, their spears providing much needed range against the Melties. Another splat, and more hissing. A small crack appeared in the wall.
“To the streets, the Glooples will have less room to maneuver!” someone called over the sounds of the night. No one argued, it seemed like a great idea.
The warriors ran to the streets, and the spearmen stayed close in the front, reading their spears.
Z calmed himself once more, and focused on the ground. A loud crunch sounded, and Z knew the wall had been compromised. Z expected a flood of Glooples to swarm into the streets, but instead…There was nothing…
“Um…Where are they?” A warrior asked over the cannon fire and sirens.
Suddenly, a loud hiss erupted all around them. The warriors looked around.
“Oh…god, the building, their melting the building!” Z yelled, but he was too late. With a loud crash, the building themselves started to crash and crumble around them. A few warriors were killed by the avalanche of falling debris, but a majority escaped unharmed. But now they were in the open; the buildings around them were nothing more then piles of rubble.
For a while, silence loomed over the men. The sirens had apparently been shut off, and all the cannons were destroyed. The silence was broken by a growl, followed by more.
All around the warriors, growls pierced the silence of the night.
Z looked around to spot the source, and saw the last the he wanted to see. On the top of a pile of rubble, a Biter loomed. Biters were the most aggressive Gloople. Blue in color, they had a complex digestive system and very large teeth. They could launch themselves multiple feet, and munch on their adversaries.
“Biters!” Z called as he prepared himself. All around the warrior group, Biters appeared. Without warning, a single Biter charged, and the battle commenced.

Z raised his sword and yelled. The warriors around him charged. Their cover blown, it was pointless to hold up in a small group, they would be better off attacking solo.
Z ran into battle. A Biter charged him, but he raised his sword and cut it off mid-air. The Gloople splattered. Two more move upon him.
One Biter jumped. Z dodged the attack, but tripped and smashed into the ground. The other Biter leapt into the air. Z pointed his sword straight up, and halted the Biters advance. The Biter, still on the sword, continued try to bite Z, he quickly jumped back to his feet, and smashed the blue Gloople down on the ground. It exploded in a mist of blue particles. Z lost track of the other Biter. He quickly scanned the area, but saw nothing. He felt a sharp pain in his leg, and looked down to see a Biter firmly attached to his leg. He swung his sword and split it in half. The beast slowly slid down from his leg. He quickly looked up, to see another Gloople monster rushing him.
This yellow Gloople, known as Stickies, exploded upon contact with an enemy, covering the attacker in a think yellow slime. The slime greatly slowed anything that it touches.
Z dodged out of the way of this yellow monster, and landed hard on his sholder. He quickly turned to see the Stickie smash into a Biter. The Stickie exploded and covered the Biter in its slime. The Biter began to move, slowly, towards Z. Z got up, raised his sword, and ended the vicious little monster.
After an hour of non-stop battle, the Glooples were defeated. The warriors let out a triumphant victory cry. Although nearly half their numbers were killed, not very often did the humans get a victory.
John, the leader of the village, assembled the remaining warriors.
“We have won an important battle today, but this is far from over.” John continued “We can never beat these little monsters unless we destroy their nest. I need 10 warriors to accompany me to their nest, to destroy it, volunteers?”
At first, no one raised their hands, but slowly, a handful of warriors volunteered. Z noticed that Trevor and Alex had volunteered, so he to raised his hand.
“You are brave men. Get ready, we move out in 4 hours. Everyone else, meet up with the rest of the villagers and protect them.”
With that the majority of the warriors left the village, but a handful of the braves warriors remained, and prepared for the fight ahead.


Drakkose said...



T.T They dont have bodys because they evolved much beyond that!

What you dont know, is that the poor slimenites planet exploded due to the Kelreshin, testing one of there new diabolical weapons , teleported a massive bomb into the center of there planet, thinking it was a liquid planet with no life thousands of years ago, resulting in the near extinction of the slimenites! =[

They were scattered across the galaxy, some of wich, landing on populated planets that have been notified about the explosion, and re-located the slimenites to a lifeless dormant planet so they can repopulate =[

but some just happen to land on your planet...a planet filled with an ignorant-unevolved species whos minds are so primitive that they cant connect with the dear slimenites...

i highly doubt that they were the first to the slimenites are a peaceful race that have evolved past the need for violence, and developed self bodied chemical weaponry for the sole reason of protection =[

the humans HAD to of attacked first! Slimenites are one of the oldest and wisest races in the cosmos! If they somehow DID attack first, it was because they mistaked you humans for single-cell organisms that were trying to attack them >=[

*snuggles with a purple slime*

And i mean come on!.....

look how cute they are D:

TheGhostGamer said...

Uhm...Interesting take on this I must say. I don't deny the humans may have attacked first, and I don't deny that the Purples are snuggle.

Chirrel said...

Hehe, I must say, nice story you have there. Some typo's but hey, don't we all misspell sometimws? ^^

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