Friday, August 15, 2008

The Hall

The Digg Mark 1 Hall of Fame is where we dedicate a little space for DM1’s best, as voted on by you.

First ballot 'Hall-of-famers' (In a random order)

Spartakips-Sparta, as most call him, has been in DM1 for well over a year. During this time he has went from a troll, to a moderator. Sparta’s awesomeness is only smaller then his giant amount of coolness. He also is developing a huge game in the making, Konquest! He also in my opinion has one of the best names and avatars on Kongregate! Not to mention the fact he is the best gamer in DM1!

-He may only be 17, but he is as close to “the fun uncle” as DM1 is ever going to get. Nick, like Sparta, has also been in DM1 for well over a year and is a true “hall-of-famer”. Nick is also a hardcore badge hunter and is second in DM1 badge totals, only to spartakips. Just look out everyone, for should you try to hug him he will rip out your soul and send you to “Ban-land”!

EverLovely-She may not only be the nicest person in DM1, but in all of Kongregate. She is loved by everyone in DM1, and her room the Castle. Ever also is one of the fairest mods in all of Kongregate. Yeah, she pretty much goes to the “top of the charts” in everything she does. Just remember not to worship her to much ;-)

Joshhh-Josh is one of DM1’s nicest and most helpful users. Also known as the link master, (:P!) Josh is always ready to help a user in need; making him one of the more popular users in DM1. Josh also now owns Lantea but still comes back to DM1 often, while still managing to help other modless rooms.

-Chi took over DM1 in December of last year, and hasn’t really left since. He is the highest level user in DM1, and25th in all of Kongregate. He tries to help when asked, but can sometimes fail due to his giant amount of laziness. He also is a very bad developer who somehow made a game with a rating around 3.00. That’s about it…(The writing something about myself in the third-person and referring to myself as chi is a little freaky!)

Chi's words: "Thanks everyone for voting me in! Thanks everyone who helps the DM1, you guys make the room! I really shouldn’t have been voted in over some of the people up, but thanks anyway. Hopefully they get in soon! A lot of people thought I was an idiot when I took DM1 8 or so months ago, it makes me so glad to prove them wrong! Thanks again everyone!!"

Wizky-Wizky, or “The1wizkid” has been on Kongregate for over a year, and moved to DM1 from the Van a few months ago, and has been one of the more popular users since. Wizky also is a developer, and good gamer, making him fit right into DM1. He also has gotten more underage users banned then I [chitown15] have in almost a year of being a mod. Not sure if that’s a good a bad thing, but he’s pretty darn good at it. Just remember to look out for his brother…

Second ballot hall of famers (in random order)

-Ghost has been on Kongregate, and in DM1 for almost a year. During this time he has always been helpful, always respectful, and always a joy to have around. He also has recently become a mod, and deservedly so. Ghost is also a very good writer, and blog contributor. He is also an amateur developer, and one of DM1’s three current “DMs”.

-Ukie is another DM1 who has been on the site and in DM1 for almost a year. When she first came into DM1 she was a bit of a trouble maker, but after a while, and a couple bans, she has become one of the most popular users in DM1 and hasn’t been banned in about 6 months (which is over a year in internet time ;) ). Ukie is also a great gamer and has a TON of badges! She is also looking like she’ll join the 40 level club easily by the end of the year.

-Dness was DM1’s first true home-grown mod, and one of the nicest people you will meet on Kongregate. While not near as active as she used to be; she is still well known in DM1, and remains one of the more popular users. She also took over AAA for a few months before giving it up to Kesse due to a large amount of school work. She also is another of DM1’s great gamers and before going somewhat inactive had a very high badge count. Here’s hoping that you come back D!

OuTrIgHtChAoS- Chaos used to be one of DM1’s bigger trouble makers, but quickly reformed when a more moded DM1 came into place. Chaos is now one of DM1’s finest users, and is great to be around. He is also DM1’s best developer, and has already made some really good games, with even more on the way. He also is a good gamer and high level user. Not to mention the fact that he has been in DM1 almost as long as anyone that is still active. He is a true hall of famer.

-Ferret is one of the newest DM1ers to make the hall of fame. He is also one of DM1s more popular users, and is one of DM1 zoo’s most popular attractions (:P)! Ferret is always nice to others, and has never caused problems, and is always trusted to help out when in need…..*Pets the fuzzah*…..

Third ballot hall of famers (in random order)

00_Juice_00: Juice moved to Digg Mark 1 roughly 7 months ago from AAA. Since then Juice has been one of the most popular users in DM1. He also is one of Kongregate’s premier avatar makers. And has made a bunch of avatars for the regs of DM1, some of the best might I add! He also is one of the more active writers on the blog.

Andyroo: Andy is going on a year of being a Digg Mark 1 regular and is one of Digg Mark 1’s most mature regs, and is always helpful when it comes to getting badges. Andy is also one of Digg Mark 1’s best gamers. And is close to reaching level 40, making him one of DM1’s higher level users.

Dragonflame997: Dragonflame997, or DF as most call him. Has been a regular visitor of DM1 for many months, and he is now calling DM1 his main home, to everyone’s enjoyment. DF has been a member of Kongregate (So help me god MS word I want it to start with a K!) for a good part over a year; and is also a long time moderator. He is AFK a lot, though not as much as people think, and he likes Donkeys very much ;)

oceanix: oceanix, with a lower case o mind you, has been a reg of DM1 since before he even signed up, whereupon he was moded within 5 minutes on Kongregate. How is that possible? He used to be SirKoolAid. But moved to oceanix for some crazy reason (Ask him!). But anyways, oceanix/SKA has been visiting DM1 since May of last year, and is one of the most loved people in DM1. He also is an amateur developer with a game on the way…. Call him SKA!

TaoJoe: Taojoe (Or Tao as most call him) has been a member of Kongregate and DM1 for nearly a year; and is Digg Mark 1’s newest mods, and probably one of DM1’s smartest regs. Tao’s normally on earlier in the day, where he has been known to playfully hit on everlovely (Don’t we all? ;P). Tao also is quite a good gamer, and will always let you know if there’s a deal at Denny’s.

Games section

Dolphin Olympics 2: Dolphin Olympics is a very addicting game where you jump and spin a dolphin through space. Welcome to the world of flash games! :P Easily the best part of Dolphin Olympics is the replay value, the game is so addicting, one can find themselves playing it for hours at a time. And if you don’t need a reason to play it already, Dolphin Olympics has many badges.

Kongai: Kongai, is kongregate’s master piece thus far. Kongai is a multiplayer card game with is rooted into the site. Kongai is a rich, strategy deep game where you must use the cards you’ve earned through the challenges into beating your opponent. The quality of Kongai comes from just having fun challenging your friends. Everyone is going to want to use their cards to try to beat on others; and there’s a fair amount of fun just making your deck.

Sonny: Sonny is one of the special, rare games, where a zombie is actually a good guy! Forget the great voice attacking, wonderful game mechanics, great graphics, and awesome reply value…You get to play a good zombie! How awesome is that?!


Everlovely said...

I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me. It makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that you guys still luv me despite all my teacher like prompting to behave yourselves. I'd also like to thank Chi for cultivating such an awesome room and being a kick ass role model for mods everywhere. DM1 4 EVER!

joshhh said...

I'd like to thank everyone and dedicate this to Nick and all who ride in him

Wizky said...

Yay :D

Thx guize who voted me, etc

and Chi for this :P

kesse said...

wooot! im mentioned in the DM1 blog. gooooo me!

Jon1500 said...

What a lovely group of peoples. =D

Juice said...

When exactly are we going to do this next ballot? That poll has been up there forever...

Andyroo said...

I'm quite surprised that I got as many votes as I did... Thanks for whoever voted for me, and thanks Chi for writing up a great mini-bio! :D

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