Monday, August 11, 2008

Buried Treasure Week Game #1

It is the beginning of the first Buried Treasure Week and the game has just been revealed... Dog  Eat Dog! It is a game where the main objective is to grow to as big of a size as you can. You are a dog, you must eat other dogs to grow, but when you try to eat a bigger dog than yourself, it eats you. It shares a likeness with the game "Fishy" by Xgen Studios. But there are a couple of differences, One it is a bird's eye view game so you can go four way instead of two, but the other dogs can also come from any of the four directions. The only thing that i dislike about this game is the collision physics are slightly off. In other words it may think you ran into a bigger dog when you are still about 8 pixels away from it. So  take my advice and stay as far away from the larger dogs as possible. But other than that i  have nothing to complain about so for this game.  


Game Play - 25/30 
Excellent game, Bad contact physics and slightly hard to tell whether you can eat a dog or not.

Sound - 10/10
Nice background music and a bark when you eat a dog, no unnecessary sounds.

Graphics - 8/10
Pretty good graphics, some of the dogs look more like cows and pandas than dogs though.

Creativity - 11/20
A creative spin on an already existent game.

Controls - 20/20
Nice controls, not awkward to use.

Tilt - 8/10
I enjoy the game a lot but it gets slightly annoying after a while.