Monday, August 18, 2008

Let the true games begine!

Get your popcorn ready, because DM1 is about to have a Kongai tournament. Okay so we need either 16 or 32 players, or somewhere in between, maybe even 48 if we can get that many.


To join, either leave me a shout or leave a comment. Please give your Kongai record, I will need them to seed the tournament!

All matches will be 3 cards!

You may use pre-made decks, but you have the option of using random cards if you wish!

Rounds will be played within a few days (No set time you have to play a match at!), if everyone is having trouble finding their opponent I will give extra time for the round. I also may issue a 24hour deadline if a couple matches are holding everyone up. If the match is still not finished the higher seed will advance (Unless they are the inactive ones, I reserve the right to choose!)
You do not need to be a “true reg” to join! If DM1 is one of your main rooms you my join!

That’s about it, I’ll post when we have enough people, hopefully we can get 32!


Name record W/L

Baileycripps 21/26

Chitown15 17/5

Joshhh 60/41

M_dawg 3/1

Ukiegirl 36/30

LoliDesu 30/36

lsqwert9 24/13

ItBeNickYo 46/17

Eldavo 0/0


Aalanius (SP?)

Wizky 0/0

God_of_War 2/1

Adare 141/88/1

Seph 90/90 ish

Ferretferret 10/4

Drakkose 0/0

Spartakips ?/?

cyphurus 0/2

teh_awsomeness ?/?

Shotsflying ?/?

TheGhostGamer 34/16

Tarlanon 5/5


joshhh said...

I'm in.
60 wins
41 losses
Skill Rank 15
42/46 cards.
Let the games begin

M_dawg said...

Yer, i am in =]
skill rank 1
42/46 cards

Ukiegirl said...

Yayaya i wanna play
36 wins 30 losses
Level 4
skill rank 1
38/36 cards

Loli Desu~ said...

30/39 D:
20/46 ;3;
Skill rank: 1

still... DO WANT!

baileycripps said...

im in 21 wins 26 losses level3 skill rank 3 30/46 cards

Lsqwert9 said...

W/L 24/13 Cards. 25/46 Kill rank 1 level 3

wOO there needs to be more of these

ItBeNickYo said...

Eh, might as well.

Level 4.
Skill rank 3
46 wins.
17 losses.

ElDavo said...

I'm There Dude!
Level 1.
Skill rank 1
0 wins.
0 losses.
But don't let that fool you I was up there before they reset ;)
35 cards

Ferretferret said...

10/4, doooood!

Skill Rank 2

Skill Rank 1

17 cards, ditches.

entombor2 said...

Sorry for the flabbergastin here ^L^
46/46 cards (68)
Level 6
Skill rank 8
4 K cards :P

alan said...

37/46 cards
5 wins/2 losses

might aswell join prob won't win it but still it'll be fun.

Wizky said...

0 wins
0 losses
rank 0

im totally in

WingsofChaos said...

Im in as my alt Cyphurus
i had to quit my games cause i was needed at home

Anonymous said...

this is paladin6657 and i got

11 wins

44 losses

chi plz spare me and help me win if u can and ill prob be in last ='(

shotsflying said...

yea i'll join

entombor2 said...

I hope it's on sunday or early friday, I cant do Saturday D:

TheGhostGamer said...

I'm in (wont be able to do it Monday and Tuesday however)
Something like 34 wins vs. 16 lost
28 cards.

Anonymous said...