Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Buried Treasure Week Game #2

It is day number two of Buried Treasure Week and already no one can wait for the next game. Well like our weekly competition, they have chosen Cirplosion as today's game. As i have already explained, it is like Filler, with a twist... After making your ball as large as possible your next goal is to fit as many of the other balls as you can within the ball you just created. There are three different modes, Normal in which you play 20 levels where you pass the level if you can destroy all the balls with a limited amount of "Cirplosions". Challenge where you must do the same only there is only one possible way to complete the level and it is up to you to find out or Cirvival where you must destroy the balls to raise your constantly depleting time bar, once the time bar empties it's game over for you.


Game Play - 26/30
Good concept, But gets kind of repetitive after a while. Some of the challenges really make you think although very little replay value.

Sound - 9/10
Ok background music gets slightly annoying after a while though, no unnecessary sound effects.

Graphics - 4/10
It is a game that does not require significantly detailed graphics but the game looks kind of bland.

Creativity - 16/20
Pretty creative, not too many detailed ideas though.

Controls - 20/20
Very straight forward and simple to use.

Tilt - 9/10
I think this game should get more credit than it is receiving, mostly because it is a unique concept.