Monday, August 11, 2008

Amorphous+ Review

Amorphous+ is a recent addition to Kongregate, and has quickly became a favorite amongst most of the Kongregate populace. In it's few weeks, it has already spawned a short story (which I hear is really good). The game itself is unique, in gameplay and idea. The gameplay revolves around a single character clearing nests of a creature known as Glooples. With each mouse click, the hero swings a large sword, cutting into the Glooples forces. It may get slightly repetitive, but this is a very imaginative game with many great ideas executed perfectly.

Although it can get a little repetitive, the gameplay is quite solid.

A great soundtrack of songs, plus the in-game sounds are great.

The graphics are amazing for a flash game, particularly the inventive character deaths.

They can be awkward at times, but overall they are great.

Final Score:
A great game worth playing.