Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buried Treasure Week Game #3

We are half way done the infamous Buried Treasure Week and the third game of the week is Parachute Retrospect. Who needs parachutes when you can drop your little stick men past flying rockets and laser beams, and hopefully they don't get julienned by the many pikes and mobile saw as they fly toward the trailers of cotton balls, Oops they landed on the railer full of death spikes instead... Same difference... Indeed, your goal is to drop your courageous little stick men out of a helicopter without hitting any of the many obstacles and land on the piles of fluff and get dragged off to god knows where by one of the many mysterious truck drivers... And you also encounter a strange globe like stick man vending machine where your goal is to catch the tick men it shoots out in a.. metal basket? Ouch much? 


Game Play - 28/30
Great idea, loads of fun while still challenging, although slightly short and no replay value.

Sound - 9/10
Great background music, really gives the game more effect although no sound effects other than the ding when you get a stick man in a truck.

Graphics - 8/10
Sprites could use a bit more detail, helicopter animation looks choppy but other than that great job!

Creativity - 20/20
It's impossible to say that mobile saws robot things and globe-like stick man vending machines aren't creative XD

Controls - 20/20
Simple controls, definitely not awkward.

Tilt - 9/10
Unique idea, also very amusing, but a little short.



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