Friday, August 15, 2008

Buried Treasure Week Game #5

Before i begin i would to say Thanks to Chitown15 *Cough* Review Stealer *Cough* for covering the 4th buried treasure week game. It is the 5th and final day of this Buried Treasure Week (Yes i said first as in there may be more) and it closes with a relatively difficult game... The Final Canopy is a game where you take the place of a faerie searching for a long lost bird. But it's not as simple is that because that would make a pretty stupid game XD, like most games, there are many enemies in your way... You must shoot down their high-tech spaceship robot things with your own attacks (When faeries and robots coexisted i have no clue) . Your main faerie has an attack but it is way more effectives if you use your little friends, little white balls, which can absorb other enemies powers. But they can only hold a power for so long. 


Game Play - 29/30
Very good game play, fairly challenging although little replay value.

Sound - 6/10
Poor background music and rare sound effects give this game hard on the ears :P

Graphics 9/10
Great background/effect graphics although poor character graphics.

Creativity - 20/20
Great twist on classic 2D shooter games.

Controls - 16/20
A combination of mouse and keyboard controls make this game slightly awkward to play.

Tilt - 9/10
Cool game, little short though.