Friday, August 1, 2008

Art Contest

For all those aspiring Diggmark1 artists, show off your style here.
Contest Here.
Forum topic courtesy of Johnson1984.

The reason I post this is not for you but for us. As you all know, Diggmark1 is the Kong Capital of Ikariam, and we need some stuff done to show that. We've started an art contest to help with our ikariam goals. You don't have to be on Ikariam to help us out. The winner of the contest will have their art showcased on or as several user's avatars. These users will most likely be Diggmark1 users, so you can see your beautiful art in the room.

Basically all you need to do is draw a medal depicting some form or army symbol, some sort of navy symbol and a symbol with a shield on it that will be depicted as the size of an avatar (bearers of this medal can use it as their avatar or can resize it to place on their avatar). The best medal wins in each seperate category, so if you want to prove yourself as a Diggmark1 artist, hit up the link and post your stuff on the forums.

Contest ends next Wednesday and the best 3 medals will be picked. We will notify you if you win the contest.


The_Dodo said...

Chi, you need to edit this.

If anyone reads the comments, the contest has been moved to end Wednesday next week. Sorry for the confusion.

Chitown15 said...

Fixed! I really wish I could do art, even a little bit. I might as well try a few though. Just don't laugh, to much, dodo!

johnson said...

No laughing will be done here. Its just something that we will need so that we will be able to know who is who basically.

Anonymous said...