Friday, February 27, 2009

Unknown good games V3

More good games that weren't rated as well as they should have, or never where put on the front page when they should have.

Speedway Tower Defense: Speedway Tower Defense is another well done TD. For a TD game the gave is very well coded, and doesn't have that good of graphics. (That means that it won't lag unless you have a very poor computer!) There is a twist though, you also control a character with your arrow keys, this adds another dimension of game to it, namely on the harder levels!

Typeroids: Typeroids is a typing game, meets Asteroids, meets The Last Stand. The goal in Typeroidstand (Look at that I made a bad pun!) is to type the letter on the Asteroid before it hits the bottom part of the screen. You gain points for every asteroid you distroy, and lose health for every asteroid that reaches the bottom of the screen, or incorrect letter you type.

Laser Stryker: Laser Stryker is an old style arcade game that actually runs on the same engine as Blast Force. You goal is to clear the various level of their enemies. The game starts out very easy but gets much harder as it goes on. Laser Force has pretty good graphics for a flash game, but is limited in terms of rating by it's repetitive gameplay