Saturday, February 7, 2009

Challenge #28: Lolz Isa Beated Greg To A Challenge AGAIN

Hey guys, For this week's challenge i have chosen Super Stacker 2. Most of you have played the original as it received badges a few weeks ago. The main idea is to stack the given blocks in such a way that they do not fall... The challenge is to beat one of the four groups of stacks as fast as possible. The only thing is who ever beats the harder ones gets ahead over everyone on the earlier levels. In other words, beat the hardest one you can as fast as possible! =D

Easy < Medium < Tricky < Hard

NOTE: For your score to count you must have previously completed all the level of the chosen section then click the test "Highscore = ?" below the section!

Want to get in on this crazy awesomeness? Just add the account DM1Challenge on kongregate and you are good to go! =D