Sunday, February 8, 2009

See Elephant Run


Hello there guys, me here. I'm not sure if any of you have noticed this yet, but Run Elephant Run is on Kongregate. I have played this game on Armor Games, and I love it. For those of you who have been living in a hole, it is obviously made by jmtb02, creator of such badge-winning games such as Achievement Unlocked and Elephant Rave. In Run Elephant Run, you must run away from the AMERICANS who have forced you into a long term performing contract in the U.S., ultimately keeping you away from your wife. This game expresses the journey of this elephant and his journey from California all the way to the other side of the world, in Africa, to find his wife. On the way there, he encounters many obstacles, such as NINJA-STAR-THROWING POLICE CARS!

One could say that this game shows some bad ethical implications on part of the AMERICANS, but I won't get that deep.

We did get some interviews though:

"This game tells you the touching story of a blue elephant who has been contracted by the AMERICANS to be in the showbiz business for two more years. You control the blue elephant running away from the AMERICANS and you must meet the purple elephant to make love. A beautiful touching story, although they shouldn't put AMERICANS in the game." ~JudeMaverick, comment wall

"It's on my picks list, 'nuff said."

"Do the right thing.
It will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
~Mark Twain