Friday, October 10, 2008

Quirks - Cake Shop

*starts new category*
Quirks is a new category devised by me to rule the blo-- *ahem*. Anyway, they'll have awesome things that I like, and you might. Enjoy!

In games these days, it's hard to find games that are high quality, fun, enjoyable, entertaining, and laughable at the same time. In fact, there is only one on Kongregate. No, it isn't Sunny, Protector, Simple Maze Game, or Hedgehog Launch. No, it's a game with much more heart than that - elefun's Cake Shop. To truly understand the marvels that this game is, one must look no farther than the opening tutorial.

As the Good Book (well, imaginary voice on your screen, hereafter referred to as the Cook Book) says, "Take the Apple Jam. Now throw it in the bin." This classic sentence sets the mood for the rest of the enthralling game. You are able to earn upgrades. I'll spoil just two of these so you can more fully realize the goodness that the game is: a Cotton Candy machine, and a Pomegranate Juice dispenser. Who would have thought that these would inspire so many. This game is in highly good taste - pun intended. With that, I urge, you, in no uncertain terms, take up the Cake Shop, and don't disappoint the customer.

Cake Shop receives the Quirk Badge (can someone make one please?)!