Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Argue (About everything, well within reason)

Kongreagte's first premium game was released yesterday, the game is, Argue (About Everything). In Argue you pick debates with your opponents, over any variety of issues; anywhere from "Mario is better the Sonic", to Obama is better the McCain.

While being a "premium" game, argue has no "buy" there will only be one other premium game that won't have purchasable component. That is both a good and a bad thing; on one hand you have every part of the game, on the other there isn't more to it, should you indeed really like it.

Argue is also very interactive, when you're arguing your arguments will appear on the main screen for everyone to see. The interactivity is by far among the best I have ever seen in a flash game. You can create arguments; debate anyone; even upload images for your argument. The game also has a full in-game scoreboard run through kongregate. (Which right now our very own TheGhostGamer is on top of. GO GHOST!)
The gamplay itself is pretty simple: you send your arguments it your opponents, and attempt to try to cover more ground. It uses a a "rock, papers, scissors" system for which argument beats which. As I said, the game is pretty simple, but yet has a good amount of strategy at the same time, which tends to make it "Love it or hate it". You will either be addicted, or be board within 3 games. It should be noted that games themselves only last a couple minutes, five at most.

It should also be noted the Argue will get badges, and maybe even a DM1 game night. The badges might have to wait until the servers get updated though.






kovec said...

The gameplay sucks. It's just a fast paced mess of rock-paper-scissors. All i had to do was spam random arguments in random directions as fast as i could. My opponent quit in less than a minute with impending doom at hand.

It's a simple concept gone wrong, i can't believe this was accepted as a premium game. Even though the the game is very well done for what it is, it's lacking in depth. Unsatisfying.

Anonymous said...