Monday, October 20, 2008

DM1 birthday project

I thought it might be a good idea if we collect birthdays from our DM1 regs. Everyone loves hearing "Happy Birthday!" so why not?

If you would like to get a happy birthday post and hear it many times in chat leave a comment here, or post in the forum topic. (Use the forum topic if you aren't lazy!) You can also find a list of the birthdays collected in the forum topic.

Forum topic

(Thanks to Nick for the idea!)



September 26th.


kovec said...

"Everyone loves hearing "Happy Birthday!" so why not?"

No, not everyone.

Anonymous said...

shotsflying december 1st

Everlovely said...

April 5th, some year before the rest of you were alive.

WingsofChaos said...

August 19th

"April 5th, some year before the rest of you were alive."


Ukie said...

January 11th...81 more days!

Andyroo said...

November 22nd...29 days left in my teen years. :D

Juice said...

August 2nd.

Be there.

I'm going to be 18.

Be there.

Tysanity said...

Ok so I guess I'm not really a regular. Hell, I'm NEW. But Juice told me to come why not.

January 6th.

Anonymous said...