Saturday, January 3, 2009

World of Goo Review

I'm MyDreamName, and I'm going to be reviewing World of Goo today, in which websites such as 2Dboy give a lot of info on the game.

World of Goo is a great game with a story. It is based on mostly physics, so it is in the physics genre, you play the goo balls, in a sense, and in every level you want to get as many as possible to the pipe, found somewhere in the level. There are many types of goo balls to be found, and the gameplay possibilities are HUGE. There is also a great demo that gives you the whole first chapter, so you get a lot of time to experience it before deciding whether to purchase it or not. It is also very cheap, 1500 WiiWare points (Yes, you can buy it on the Wii! I have done this too, it is epic) or $20 on the computer. It is also an indie game that met huge success, which to me, is a huge plus after Spore.

GRAPHICS: (10/10): The graphics are at a plus here, since I can actually play this game on my laptop without worrying about lag due to intensive graphics. It is 2D though, although the graphics never make up the whole of the game. The graphics fit the game well and support my laptop, and I am very happy.

AUDIO/SOUND: (10/10): The audio composition was great. No one spoke, but there was no need for someone to speak. The sign painter did all the speaking. And I swear, some of the tunes in the game actually made me cry.

GAMEPLAY: (9/10): Many levels and a metagame in there a plus!

CONTROLS: (10/10): Drag and drop to build. Simple. May be harder on a laptop, though.

REPLAYABILITY: (10/10): Yes! Did all of the levels finally with no skips? Improve on them and send your scores to the Goo Board of Excellence and compare them with people around the world! Also tired of trying to improve on your levels? Never fear, the World of Goo Corporation is the classic fun we are all looking for! In that stage, you can build a tower using your extra goo balls (the limit is 300 because of fire codes) and also compare them with other users. The current record is around 46 meters.

Final rating: 4.9/5 (Highly recommended for you to at least try the demo!)

Taken from the more than epic blog that is Steel Walrus. You may remember it from Kongregate, but if you didn't given it any attention, you are messed up, dood.