Saturday, January 31, 2009

Challenge #27: Lolz Iza Beated Greg To A Challenge

Hey guys, sorry 'bout the last challenge, isa had thar finals =[ But ima back! =D
This weeks challenge is Sproing Reloaded. Im sure everybody has played Sproing but for those who haven't, the rules are simple, a ball is attached to your cursor via a rubber band like thingy and you try to swing that ball into clear orbs, and avoid other ones! The challenge is to whack as many of them pesky orbs as possible (Not including the bad ones). Difficulty doesnt matter! Good luck and Have Fun!

P.S. 20$ This is gonna get a challenge in the next couple weeks ;D


Want to get in on this crazy awesomeness? Just add the account DM1Challenge on kongregate and you are good to go! =D