Monday, January 5, 2009

DM1 needs more rave music.

So I'm hooking you all up with some aggrotech/break-beat music.

First off, Newgrounds delivers:


I'm not going to post every song by Grendel and Pendulum, but if you've heard of them, you need to go listen to them now. Seriously. Now.

Sample from Grendel:


Ok, the video is insanely creepy. Just listen to the unz in another tab.

Sample from Pendulum:

Propane Nightmares


Ghostie knows.

So. Just something that popped into my mind. Hopefully you'll all be UNZ'ing next time I see you. If you hate my current taste in music, I'm so, so sorry. Don't leave hateful comments because you don't enjoy rave music. Hell, if you don't enjoy rave music, there's something wrong with you and I shun you.