Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Looka that banner!

I'm just going to go ahead and double post.

Look at that new blog banner! Holy hell, that is beyond epic.

Everyone give chi a huge round of applause for creating something so epic! (I /think/ it was only chi, was Java involved? If he was, ++ to you, Java!)

We're also not going to notice the fact that Shots got his avatar in there twice.

But seriously, that thing is utterly /fantastic/.



Archer831 said...

Cool I see my avatar, great job chi and possibly Java!!

TheGhostGamer said...

I see Billy Mays! :O

Good job. Looks sweet.

Wizky said...

its ok.

too blurry.

Chi said...

Thanks everyone! Java didn't do anything this time, he made the old DM1 banner. (Which I have saved in-case we ever want to use it again!)

I couldn't get a good looking font, and when I did it was so big it blocked to much of the avatars. But if anyone of you wants to try adding "Digg Mark 1 blog" to it. the direct link to the picture is below.

@Wizky It's the avatars, nothing I can do. You'll notice that avatars juice made are much clearer(higher res) then some of the internet copied ones.

Speaking of juice! Everyone give him a big thanks for all the avatars he's made! I proclaim juice the avatar king of DM1!


Juice said...


kovec said...

I'm actually surprised to see mine in there. I haven't been on in like a month or something. (been too busy + no new cards). Nicely done though.

Javano said...

DOOOOD!!! You so stole my banner idea XD (Too bad i never finished it) =[

Javano said...
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Anonymous said...