Friday, November 7, 2008

The weird Ikariam guy wants you!

Many of you probably do not know this, but Kongregate (Mostly DM1) has it's own alliance (ON THE IOTA SERVER)! And we need some "fresh blood"!

Q What is Ikaraim?

A is a MMORPG, in short. The long answer is it's a strategy pretty slow moving develop and conquer game. You build up your empire, join an alliance, and build new colonies. Not to mention waging war on others.

Q How should i go about joining the mighty kong alliance?

Firstly, MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP ON THE IOTA SERVER!!! If you don't sign up on the Iota server you will not be able to join the kong alliance. Then start developing your colony, once you do some researching build an Embassy, search kong and apply for membership. Make sure you mention youre from kongregate and you should be allowed into the alliance ASAP.

Q Any tips for starting?

See the kongregate forum topic on it, and the always helpful ikariam wiki.

Here's a few screenshots if you need some convincing!