Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kongregate Tools Directory

As some of the more frequent forum users may have noticed, there's a new sticky in the Kongregate forum; it being the Kongregate Tools Directory. Here's some of the stuff you'll find in the Kongregate Tools Directory:

Kongregate Desktop Widget (By arcaneCoder): This widget allows you to see all your online friends, and sort them by VIPs, room, Kong status, and also allows you to view Modfriends friends to quickly find a mod.

<-Kongregate desktop Widget

Kongregate Sidebar FireFox Extension
(By CaptainCaveman): This allows you to quickly view all your achieved badges,un-achieved badges, friends on, and personal stats. (Screen shot)

Forum update: Muting, quoting & reporting [greasemonkey script] (By arcaneCoder): This is a god send to forum users; it allows you to quickly mute users, report users, and quote users.

Kongregate signature for other forums (By Matt): This is a quick html run forum signature, that displays: Your level, total points, amount of friends, your avatar, and last game played.

There's a few other helpful things in the Kongregate Tools Directory!