Friday, November 21, 2008


The challenge has surfaced. It was merely a matter of time.

The battle ground is photoshop. The prize is... uhh...

We'll get back to the prize later.

The first challenge:
Step 1: mask out as much of this as you can, leaving just the white vine thing: This son of a gun here

Step two: Find waldo, and then add him in somewhere. Of course, the waldo in this picture

Step three: Take less than 3 filters to the final image, and most astounding picture wins.
Stated again, your final project should have the found waldo, the masked vine together, and with a few(less than 3) filters thrown on.

No coloring, but gradients excepted.

Now, if you manage to complete this, you probably won't have much competition. No go forth and SLAY THE UNWORTHY.