Thursday, September 18, 2008

ZOMG new Kong banner!

Wow, new looking Kong! Well, only the banner really, but it's still cool!

You'll notice that everything is divided into categories that have "drop down menu bars". You'll also notice that you now sign out next to your name, not the far right corner.

So, what does everyone think? I personally like it a lot more; everything is a little more accessible, and easier to get to. But what do YOU think?


Ukie said...

well i didnt really like it at first just need some getting used to

shotsflying said...

yea i like is it looks cool and make it easier for new users to find there way around

TDM said...

I don't really like it. I never really needed to do much other than forums/badges, which are just harder access for me.
Perhaps customizing for users like me?

Anonymous said...