Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chitown's Game of the week: Warlords Heroes

Warlords: Heroes is Ben Olding’s, AKA DJStatika’s latest game. It takes two of his previous games and combines them into a hybrid game. Which runs on Achilles game engine, and takes its art and story line from Warlords: Call to Arms. This has led to some criticism that this game is just a rip off, and an easy way to get some money. First off, this is not an easy way to get some money; he added a ton on both aspects of the game. He also can’t rip off his own property. If you forget about Achilles, and Warlords: CtA, Warlords: Heros is a truly genius game. Even if you compare it to those games it’s still a really big improvement. So be fair to Warlords Heroes, and don’t bash it because it reminds you of Achilles.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are very good for a side-scrolling game. Each area has its own rich deep moving backgrounds; and the characters are all pretty well drawn. The animations are also very well done.

Sound 10/10
The music is good, and the sound effect are just awesome; no complaints in this department.

Scoring 10/10
DJStatika did an amazing job with the API. It scores and reports everything. Here’s a trick put ?debug_level=3 after a games URL to see API report.

Bug report 10/10
I have found none…unless you count the archers sometimes getting a shot off without their heads a bug…hmmm

Overall 9/10
Great game, only complaint is that it’s like another game, but that’s not fair to this game at all. Maybe a little bit longer replay value.


Javano said...

I am noticing that "Chi's Game of the Week" hasn't been so Weekly XD

chitown15 said...

I gots lazy....And no games that really caught my eye is truly 5/5

Anonymous said...

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