Friday, September 12, 2008

Poll/HoF update

Looks like Sonny, Kongai, and Dolphin Olympics have made the games section of the hall of fame. Make sure you check out The Hall of fame!

Thanks to all who voted!

P.S. What type of poll should we have now?


Andyroo said...

How about the most frustrating badges? *shrugs*

Javano said...

1. Best avatar?
2. Best DM1 Dev?
3. Badge Related Poll?
4. Best Blog Contributor?
5. Who would make the best mod Poll?
6. What do you like best about the blog Poll?
7. What do we need to get/improve on the blog poll?
8. Worst game poll? LOL
9. What should our next poll be Poll? XD

that_roger_guy said...

Who spends the most time afk?

Anonymous said...