Sunday, July 27, 2008

TheGhostGamer's Bio

I'm an aspiring writer and game designer.

Current Projects:
- "Wizard Redemption" (Out later this year)
- A Sci-Fi book with no title. (Out later this year)
- "Guns of Fate" (Out late next year)
- "Psych" (only in Development phase, so out in a long time)

Short Stories:
-There are quite alot of these, so check my website under the forums for my Short Stories.

Flash Games:
- "Zombie Commander" (Think Field Commander with zombies, Out late this year...hopefully)

Other random things:
- I'm currently working on my website (
- I love to design games, so I randomly make game storyline/creatures/races/everything else.
- If you need ideas for a book or video game ect. ask me, i'm loaded with random ideas.

(Coming soon, Samples of creatures and races to be used im my books/video games)

I have writing quite a few novels and short stories, most of which are on my website.