Monday, July 28, 2008

Ikariam Capital of Kongregate

Ikariam. The game most DM1 regulars play. Most of these members are those who have been on Kong since TheTall0ne (also a DM1 regular and room jumper) introduced the game. We've gotten a huge take on the game since our small upbringing and DM1 is in the center of Kongregate-Ikariam discussions with most ikariam members originating from Diggmark1. Of course, it has been a long while but it shows how we play and react inside the game. Our conversations over the game have slowed down on Kongregate and most Ikariam communications stay in Ikariam, but you may occasionally see the classic "do you want to trade resources?" and of course, most of you will see that in Diggmark1.

Of course we know that the game is time consuming, so most members have entered vacation mode and their accounts are preserved, but Diggmark1 still reigns supreme when it comes to Ikariam.

We are also looking for more Kongregate users for our alliance, so if you are interested in Real-Time MMORPG games join us here, and make sure you select the Iota server. After you get an Embassy you can join the Kong-Alliance; we would be happy to have you!

And on a side not, this is indeed my first blog post as an author so don't yell at me.