Sunday, July 27, 2008

And so it begins...

Hello everyone!

Well, I think it’s about time DM1 had its own blog, so here it is. But why, you say? I hope to use the blog to showcase games made by developers who call DM1 home. And to also use it to feature “DM1 Pride games” much like DM1 challenge it will be a high-score contest; except instead of a point system it will be “winner take all”. More details on it soon to follow. A few more things are

-A “DM1 hall of fame” which will be a short bio about some of DM1’s very best, as voted on by you.

-Interviews with various DM1 users.

-News pertaining to everything Kongregate.

And hopefully more! I also want this blog to be run by DM1 users not just me, so if you would like to contribute and possibly become an author on the blog drop me a shout.

Also please add the DM1 blog as your site on Kongregate!