Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Kong, Say Whaaa???

Indeed there has been a major Kongregate upgrade... They have tweaked the game page slightly, but the main part of it is the chat! It has been completely redone... the upgrade includes many new and improved features such as:

  • More detailed profile page (Recently played games, Lastest badges)
  • Improved PM'ing interface (PM User Link)
  • MANY Details about the game you are playing (Badges, Card, Game Info)
  • A shiny new silver theme
  • Improved "Browser-like" scroll bar
  • And More!
P.S. This is also the first time i believe anyone has used bullets on this blog =D
P.P.S ItBeNickYo! also recieves recognition for getting the last message in the "Old Chat" before Kong went down =D

(Click Photos To Enlarge)

Game Window

Lower Game Window


Chat (Game Tab)

Chat (Achievements Tab)