Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Holy Quest

Notice: I'm probably going to be starting very early Saturday morning, like 6 AMish, so as to avoid my family. Don't ask. :D

Tune into DM1 sometime around Friday night/Saturday morning to see the beginning of Juice's Holy Quest!

I will pay attention to chat for exactly 24 hours straight, joining in every single conversation, saying hello and goodbye to everyone who enters and leaves, and just doing about anything anyone asks, with only occasional food/bathroom/stuff breaks. My breaks will be no longer than 15 minutes.

That's the basic idea. More information will be revealed to you later. Or something. I'll be recording the whole thing, so you won't miss out.

If you want to be nice and stay up with me, or bring me some cookies and milk during the late night when absolutely no one's talking, I'd really appreciate it.

KotG dared me to do this, and with the success of my quest, he gives me 1 respect point and posts a good picture of himself on the Photo Topic. Even if he ends up wussying out and not posting or giving me RESPEK, I still think this is going to be fun as hell.



Nullz said...

Good God, this is going to be so damn epic. You're gonna need a shitload of Monster, Joos. But don't worry, we'll be there to abuse-I mean help you.

AIglet said...

I wonder if Juice will be able to do this... I'm putting my money on him falling asleep 30mins before times up.

Javano said...

DUDE! I so wish i could do that!

School + Parents definitely make it a no-go though =[

Cant wait till i live on my own so i can do crazy stuff like this =D

Javano said...

Tell ya what, since it being Friday ill try and stay on as long as possible with ya ;]

Javano said...

Maybe anywhere from 6-8PM to 5-6AM?

Juice said...

Sure, Java, it's not like I'm going anywhere :P

TheGhostGamer said...

How are you recording it?

Juice said...


Anonymous said...