Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Steel Walrus

Come visit and register up at SteelWalrus - A friendly community where you can socialize and create & share games and programs with other members.


Arcade, with around 116 Flash games to play and win trophies & cash
Gallery, where you can upload pictures, view other user's galleries and comment on their pictures too,
IRC, with active admins, many users and plenty of IRC bots for fun and to make things easier for you,
Forum - self explanatory,
MyPage, which is basically your own page on the website (although, you can have up to a staggering 50 PAGES, found by viewing your profile or clicking the link under one of your forum posts,
Clans & Competitions - Relatively new feature, still being worked on, though this will be used to create and join clans and compete in matches on certain games to win cash (not real :P).

Chitown15 approved!


Chitown15 said...

Is indeed chitown15 approved. Nice little site you have there Wizky! Just don't try making them think you're a girl ;)

Also good job on actually doing a post on your site. I told ghost he should do one on his like 3 months ago. Ghost you're lazy!

The1Wizkid said...

not actually my site, its just awesome and im friends with all the folks who made it

plus i give them ideas and such.

and, theyve known me for around a year now, almost, so im sure they know im a dude :D

Juice said...


:) Just kiddin' Wiz, nice site.

WingsofChaos said...


The1Wizkid said...

ty nubs

register tho

and come back often, seriously. DO IT

Anonymous said...